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Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival

Much like Tunbridge Wells itself – the art of puppetry is one steeped in history. It is unknown as to when the concept was initially brought to Great Britain – although widely believed that puppet shows were introduced by the Romans; theatrical productions didn’t gain popularity until the 18th century.

The Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival was set up in 2014 as a CIC by Linda Lewis. The inaugural 2015 festival was incredibly well received, a one-day new arts experience for the people of Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas opened by Joey the horse from the National Theatre’s production of War Horse.

A professionally curated and delivered arts event for all ages, presenting highly skilled performances from the UK and overseas in the beautiful spa town of Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Introduces puppetry, theatre and animation to new audience bringing the community together through shared enjoyment of live performance.

The last edition, 2021, was the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival debut for Professor Patels Bollywood Punch and Judy Show!

Bollywood Punjeet and Judy gee
Bollywood Punjeet and Judy gee IMG 9123
Bollywood Punjeet and Judy gee IMG 8439
Bollywood Punjeet and Judy gee IMG 9114

Burlesque and Moulin Rouge Stilt Walkers