The Elephants on Parade - Strong Bones Charity

Strong Bones Charity Event

Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust is a national registered charity set up to provide emotional and practical support, increase inclusion by providing disability equipment and educational opportunities including workshops and facilities. We also provide support for parents and carers, access to sports and activities and family interaction days for the benefit of children and young people under the age of twenty one who have complex needs and also a diagnosis of a  serious muscular skeletal condition such as scoliosis, bone cancer, scoliosis or spina bifida.

The charity has now been registered for over 20 years, which gives us years of experience in our field. This experience has allowed us to assist children and their families with guidance on how to make their conditions more manageable and enhance their quality of life to an optimum level.

Their aim is to encourage children and young people with lifelong medical conditions to grow by supporting them and their families and carers by allowing each young person to gain experience as individuals enriching their lives through, inclusion, stimulation, inspiration and education.

A privilege to be be performing with the Elephants on Parade.

Burlesque and Moulin Rouge Stilt Walkers